Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bEiNg a pEsT tHe riGHt waY

it's true. am a public menace. btw if you see someone driving on the road without their lights or with the hood open or with the trunk open or some such thing. or driving like a crazy old drunk. then i strongly advise you to give that car a wide berth as you don't know what she would do. i mean i would do. in a pinch kinds.

it's official. i drive like a crazy old batty lady. octagenarian lady kinds.
in fact they might drive better than me.

all these controls in the car confuse me.
and i refuse to drive faster than i can manage just coz u glare at me through my rear view mirror young man.
and if i get ... wait did i tell you all this already??? gawd even my memory is beginning to fail me completely. i wonder if i have alzheimers.....

anyways the only consolation is my parking. i park so well, i could weep with joy.

oh all right. let me tell you about my jigsaw puzzles instead. so i remembered my old obsession after seeing it in N's place in SF. and i got myself 3. a 500 , 750 and 1000 piece. ok so i had to lounge around in the kiddy toy section in Target till i found them. and ok so i kind of started freaking out when i saw cradles and baby cribs and car seats and baby things. ok i don't know what they were ok? they were things. things that would be involved in baby care. somehow. ok so i hightailed it out of there... took a desperate right turn and voila !! the puzzles section.

so i grabbed three and jogged... no skipped to the checkout. if you think i was obsessed before, let me just tell you that you aint seen nothing it. i've been known to skip food, sleep for the sake of jigsaw puzzles. i've also been known to sit in one muscle cramping position for hours just so i could find one piece.
and when extremely tired i'd just fall flat on my face by the side of the puzzle. when forced to eat i'd eat by the puzzle...oh boy oh boy oh boy!! i can't wait to start ^_^

oooh ooooh i bought myself a scrap book too. i mean i know picasa has some pictures and orkut is mostly like a scrap book. and i know i really really REALLY need to organize my pictures and posts and groan... gawd there is so much i need to fix in my life.
ok but i'll do it tomorrow.

you know i applied this Johnson and Johnson baby oil to my face, so that my skin would be as smooth as a baby's bottom [ :P ] but now i drank some water and i think some of the oil went into my mouth, coz i feel all slippery inside. like my tongue especially :-/

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