Monday, March 23, 2009

aNd we foLlowED thE yeLloW briCK rOAd

just coz i have a massive party hangover the size of canada

and for some reason i really like chick songs.

oh phooey to you. don't listen to it then.
reached at 2 last night. phew was that an exhausting trip.

after i was unceremoniously dumped in N's place , ditched by my 'friends' boohoo
i actually spent an awesome time with this jigsaw puzzle and looking out the window. hey Wilson!! i want to live on the 17th floor tooooooo. and in SF downtown overlooking the bay.
yup yup i do!! >_<

so after the engagement, where we ragged [ the indian ragging style ] her fiance, and made him dance with her. and go down on one knee to exchange the ring. and played games :P and well had loads of fun. then we went to A's place for midnight cold coffee and pictionary.
its hillarious to pit the guys vs girls.
OFCOURSE the girls won :P well what do you expect?? when the words that guys come up with is constipation and crap and random.
:D to be fair, the guys weren't really giving hard words. they were more into having fun than actually winning. and the tough words they gave us?? that we cudnt crack like 'ridiculous'.. but that was WAY too hard !!! >_<
on the other hand, they managed to guess 'tutorial' by drawing the pyramids and king tutakahmen :O

ok so -

A draws a square box with 3 legs and a tail like thing
A nods her head while the rest are like "WAT?? how did you get ELEPHANT from that???"
A draws some thing like water drops falling out of the tail end.
we start yelling "pee? cow dung? poop? shit? ..."
A frantically nodding her head
they guys are still scratching their heads on the elephant. how the heck DID you get elephant from that < looking at it from all angles >
N yells CRAP!
we win

N draws a guy and an apple
We start guessing, "adam and eve?, newton? gravity? serpent? eden?..."
she draws a big circle with ppl on the outside and a baby looking thing on the inside
"cult? hospital? delivery?..."
"no no NO" N gives up. its GIBBERISH.
< blank looks all around > "WAT THE HECK WAS THE APPLE FOR???"

i don't think i laughed so hard in my life !! all night.
and 4 AM someone wanted to watch the sunrise. but that wasn't for another 3 hours thanks to daylight savings.. so we went for a ride in the convertibles. everyone in SF has coupes. man was it COLD !! :O
saw the view of the city from the top of a mountain and walked in the door at 5

not much happened on sunday. i managed to be the only one looking like a hungover has been in my yesterday's clothes till i cud go where my luggage was and..
note to self: next time don't take an entire suitcase full of clothes to SF. your wearing guy's t-shirts anyways.

aah went to the flea market. i LOVE the flea market. how come we don't have one here?? and besides everytime i see a flea market, i really really want to start nesting :D

ok TMI ppl. too much info in one post. which is why i like to divide them up into 3 posts a day.

oooh oooh btw i have now decided i like thai food. coz Osho was really nice.

ok so here's the thing.
i want to make a scrap book of all my travels. really i do.
like the gift we gave resh. a scrap book of memory snaps ^_^

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