Monday, March 16, 2009

jUiCe hER uP

white, tiny and delicate... nestled in the middle of a row of hulking brutes of vehicles.

oh alright alright. uh oh... my trusty steed has turned me into a poet. oh dear.
that was quite unexpected.

oh well. something had to give.
i think it's just age taking it's toll. in my doddering old age, i'm turning into a sentimental fool. weepy and all nostalgic. and crying at the drop of a hat. or mebe its just the cycles.
the cycles man, they're a curse.
yup they are. [ you just had a horrid vision of me continuing on and on and on... on this topic for many many days didn't ya? ]

anyhooo, i know have my trusty steed. to take me yonder, through the meadows and over hills and vales...[ ya i had aspirations for the stage once upon a time ]
yeah yeah. i got my car. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah brain meltdown.

"hey ma, i got a car"
"how much did u pay"
"too much. u shudn't have given a penny more than 7k"
"wat the..... how the heck do YOU know?? and where were you until now??? < choking and going red in the face >"
"you know my cousin? her sister's brother-in-law? they're in the US. apparently a major recession is going on... everyone is selling the shirt off their back. you paid too much"
< me lapsing into an indignant silence >

Dido Thank you

so i couldn't find a video where embedding was enabled. so sue me.
pffft < imagine me blowing you raspberries >


guess who's coming back?? soon. yaay. you would never guess. ok ok psssssst it's supposed to be all hush hush.
yeah your SO right. its W.
i'm soo souped. i can't sleep at all.

and this week being the engagement and all.
i'm kind of completely juiced. ok a lil bit hopped on... on nothing. i had chocolate milk and later some orange juice.
eeeeew wierd combination.

i hope your actually listening to the song. yeah am talking to you. i thought we already had that covered. the fact that only 3 ppl are currently here...
u , me and bub. bub is kinda slow. needs some time to catch up. he's still on post number of 47. [ omg she's just rambling now... ]

ok. ok. i can do this.
what were we talking about?
wait i had something important to say.
i.. aaah.... i.....

oh yeah. i'm project leader kind of. of that ngo thing. u know... the school. right right. i'm supposed to keep the project on track.
< grimace >
[ yes i hear what your saying bout handing off the project to me but all the while my mind is going OMG WAT IS WRONG with you ppl. don't give her RESPONSIBILITIES. SHE IS CLUELESS ]
shrug. oh well. good luck to you, portland kids.

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