Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tO coNTiUe tHe sToRY

omg i HAVE to tell you guys about this...

remember that wedding i told you about? a couple of days back?? you know the ostentatious grand wedding??

so you know what else they did?? to celebrate the grand love of their loves.. i mean lives??
i saw this snap.

and they were sitting ON AN ELEPHANT.


< flabbergasted silence >



and a HORSE??? ok i get the horse.. but .... but.... < spluttering > ELEPHANT???

in my town only GOD sits on an elephant.. u know.. festival times.. and the king of mysore. during the dasara thing mebe.

yes yes this is my roommates sister who is a doctor from M.

< head reeling >
also i think god gave me a roommate designed to torture my already tortured soul. last evening she ran the tap on the kitchen sink for a straight 15 minutes, just so she could see the bubbling water phenomena while the water drained.
[ i know your thinking "wat the...." and yes. my thoughts exactly ]
i was like aaaaaaaaargh!! my eyes!! that's potable water that kids in angola are not getting.. wat the heck are you doing. < almost pulling my hair out in an agonized manner while clutching the sides of my head ... >
god knows what she was trying. something about a broken garbage disposal and the effect of the dishwasher on the water in the sink.


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