Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tHiS wiLL tAkE aLl dAy

so i was watching this series.. lie to me.

and its darn interesting you know. they analyze the facial expressions to determine if ppl are lying or not.
that's interesting :) esp since a fair amount of psychology is explained in the series.

so in my all day meeting today ? guess what i did?? ^_^

yup yup. just sat and looked around at ppl. i saw confusion, disgust, suspicion, boredom and one guy was even giving my manager the finger!
:O [ almost did a double take right there ]
i couldn't help grinning when i saw him. you know the gesture. palms together with only the middle fingers of both hands extended and pressed together... touching the nose...


other than that the meeting was a complete wash. i mean we spent an hour on the fact that we have too many meetings. and how to work when we have too many meetings. so basically we have my manager imparting his words of wisdom, saying "you should prioritize. don't attend meetings you don't have anything to learn or contribute"

[ dude! this would be the first meeting i'd give the ol heave ho!! ]

what do you do when ppl call other ppl depressing.
you RUN for a ringside seat to observe and note on all the associated behavioural characteristics displayed by the said depressing person.

oh btw i'm not only NOT gymming anymore. i had free ice cream in my office today.
and that too CHOCOLATE. yaay !!


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