Tuesday, March 24, 2009

iF yoU tHinK so

that was when i moved the world...

how perceptive would you consider yourself?? do you catch nuances??? do you unknowingly hurt others by your offhanded comments?? do you knowingly do it?? do you 'get' undercurrents?

chances are, that if you are a guy, you probably don't. any of it...
chances are, if you are a mom, you do. all of it.

what makes you sensitive? or thick skinned?? emotionally weak or strong??
no no i'm not asking how you become that way. what i mean is what/how should a person be if he/she has to be considered emotionally strong? or weak?? or any or all of that stuff??

ok so i have some random thoughts in my head.
but i see people around me. do you? like 'see' them?? or are you so wrapped up in what you think/say/do that you just skim the surface of others, like you would a book?

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