Monday, March 30, 2009

iN tHy hALloWeD pReSEnce

god god woman where have you been ???

around. it the library. it's very peaceful there you know. with ducks quacking, birds singng, children laughing.... and surrounded by all those books. aaaaah to sit there and read.
in between those floor to ceiling shelves. on a bright and sunny day. and read some story. any story.
you know how ppl who read are so snobbish about it.

which books do you read. always has to lead to some intellectual and snobbish name.
oh i'm reading < insert fancy name here > written by < another fancy name >
do you really enjoy it?? if you did, wouldn't you stay up all night and finish the book in one go???
or are you just reading it so that you can act all pompous in parties and quote the author???

sorry. i guess thats not me. let me loose in a library and i straight away head to the comics section. sure. if the writing is good and someone tells a good story or makes a good point, i'll read your heavy and snooty book that makes me ponder and think and my head ache. but most of the time, they're just self absorbed ppl trying to prove to the world how great they are.

now all i want to do is read a story. a simple story. with funny characters. or interesting characters. of them doing silly stuff. a mystery, a drama, no tradgedies, well not too heart breaking one's anyways.
so i'll stick to the enyd blytons and the calvin and hobbes. and simple stuff like that.

and so what if i find my fav batman comics in the 8-12 section. hey!! gimme back my book!! i got a lot of catching up to do u know....

aaah now i'll go there everyday after work. spend an hour or two in the library. till they close. it's like my very own temple u know :) i cud weep with joy....
< sniff >

so if i disappear for long stretches of time... well you know where to find me.

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