Friday, March 20, 2009

sMeLLy fiSh iN tHe BaY


i walk around SF. and contrary to R's expectations i don't get lost. well not too much anyways. :P
went to fisherman's wharf, pier 39. saw the sea lions. whoa! wait a sec. yup that's right. i said SEA LIONS!!!

they are SO AWESOME >_< my true brethren. just flop on the deck and bask in the sunshine.

on a side note, i didn't know woman actually went aaaaw when they saw stuff. i mean my god, that's just a stuffed toy of a baby sea lion..aaawww how cute :P

so ok. i saw pier 39. the grotto part. a quick walk through the SF museum of wierd mechanical things. u know like how they make the whole carnival and full things so that u put a coin in and all this wierd stuff starts happening.. kinda like a cuckoo clock but on a grander scale?

right. then a quick drive through china town. [ OMG it's totally like the movies.. u know... the one with that car chase, and those paper string lanterns hanging across and jacki chan??... ]

saw the biggest Macy's that could possibly exist. union square, the jeremiah brown? something ship, the submarine [ just from the outside ] the biggest church on the west coast... [ from the outside ] the crazy crooked road part. walked through some nasty stinking sea food place street. >_<
but i saw SEA LIONS !!
:) walked out on that bay walk thing. saw the alcatraz part...

ok so i wanted to see so much more.. but mebe some other day..

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