Thursday, March 19, 2009

a ComPLeTe dAy

in retrospect, one should never write a post in anger. makes you look like an arse.

ok i think i get the hang of this. the basic rule is one should never rant in a public space where anyone who reads it will be judging...and thinking.... "my god what an pompous ol fart!"

right right.
well, the primary reason for them saying that is coz they weren't there when the thing that happened to you, to make you rant happened to you. you know? so they don't share your .... uhhh... pain?

VH: "what are you? you are a complete disaster"
me: "when did you figure that out? was it when i told you that i had left my car unlocked the whole day yesterday in my parking lot? or when i told you that last night i forgot my wallet in the car, but it was thankfully locked."
VH: "You WHAT??"
me: "or mebe when i told you that i got completely screwed up on the road and somehow managed to stop at a green light and the guy behind me honked at me, at which point i panicked and....."
VH: "god! stop Stop. enough. i can't take it anymore. your a menace"
me: "when did you figure that out? was it when i told...."
VH: "aaaargh your insane."

VH: "dude you have a flight in 6 hours. do you know which airlines your on"
me: "no"
VH: "what time is your flight"
me: "9:00" [ it's not, but i know i'll get flak for not knowing the time of my own flight. i'm pretty sure its 9.. or thereabouts.... i mean i'm pretty pretty sure its in the evening. ] "ok ok let me check. ooops its at 6"
VH: :O

it's sad when you view a dinner invitation from a complete stranger with suspicion and fear. i mean so what if i barely know the security guard of my building. she seems nice. and besides i think she just broke up with her boyfriend. her hair was wee bit of a mess, her nose was runny and she seemed too cheerful and emphasizing the fact that she was a free bird.
oh she thought a girls night out would be a good thing.

no no no. ofcourse she's not part of some secret cult that would tie ppl up and cut out their entrails to offer them to the moon god. i mean i'm sure you need a virg..

so i'm headed to cali today right. so no one will be free on friday. so apparently they're gonna point me in a general direction and tell me to go see some places.
right. so am thinking if i should take my GPS, you know?
but then again, i don't have the best track record of keeping track of my things. so the fewer stuff i have.. on another note, and this is only for the girls. i'm finally free of the lunar curse. for this month that is. atleast i think so. u know what i'm talking about. the girl thing. yeah. 20 days. not too bad. unfortunately the whole thing will start all over again in 10 days. oh yaay. the joy of being a woman. >_<

ok but back on track. so N wants us to dance in S's engagement. [ are you KIDDING me??] and wear sari's and dance [ :O ]
and the 5 girls will learn the steps on sat morning where the engagement is on sat evening. and i'm like counting the number of ppl i don't know > number of ppl i know... and basically freaking out.
wait i don't have a sari. phew. well that takes care of one thing. now if only i can break a leg in time...hmmmmm


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