Thursday, October 30, 2008

wAs iT goOd foR yOU toO?

so i've been dreaming really wierd stuff lately [ freud wud have a field day ]

so i'm back home. and in my grandpas place. and i need to use the.. ahem... ladies room [ my aren't we being jane austenish today ] and then i rem i had to take a torch [ coz it was night ] and walk out of the house. and wear my slippers coz i cud no longer bear the water everywhere thing. and then i had to go to this ramshackle shack.


thats when i woke up.

omg wait i just rem. that still how the bathroom is in my grandpas place. u totally have to get out of the house and walk in the night and pray that u don't step on a frog or something.
oh ya now i rem, on no account do i go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. ok ok 'loo'. [ u just wanted me to say it didnt ya? what are u? ten yrs old? ]

nyways do u know places like that too ?? where u have to take a torch in the night to the loo. and make sure u don't drop the torch down the loo. coz its an indian loo. [ ok can u like stop giggling everytime i say loo... sheesh... ] and then u have to watch out for frogs and lizards and stuff.
and by then ur not sleepy anymore. but if u dont sleep u have to watch this really fat uncle or really ugly aunt snore. [ ugh ]
so u close ur eyes. put the blanket over ur head [ otherwise the lizards might fall on u from the roof of the house ] and make sure that all the edges of the blanket are tucked under ur limbs around u, like a coffin style. [ else insects might get in and crawl on u from the sides... ] and lets not have any thots about the snakes that are potentially on the roof. say a quick prayer to god that no small insect goes into ur nose, ears, mouth and then fall asleep?

what can i say? i had a really fun childhood.

aaaaaaaaaack there's a frog near the water tap. i need to wash my legs after going to the loo. shooo! shooooooo.

aaaaaaaaaaack! its jumped closer!!
run!! ruuuuuuun!!!!!!!


  1. see this is exactly how you attract me..
    in this case, 'familiarity breeds company'.

    i wonder if you'd have also been freaked out with teh frogs who could jump really high.. like till ur eye level, and piss on you.

    oh ah.. u forgot teh spiders too..!!!

  2. MADAM you go too far !!

    sorry :P but i really love that sentence. the last time i had so much fun was with the off with your head thingie...

    u know thats gonna be my standard reply to any comments posted on my blog henceforth...

    MADAM you go too far :-|

    hee [ said the kook with an expression of glee ] ;P

  3. MADAM you most definitely go to far

    my first love was D and then my first love was F and then my first love was....