Thursday, October 23, 2008

rEplY tO aNoN

we have to talk about something else. as I'm a slave to requests from anon.
also i'm afraid he's stalking me and might swipe a butcher knife across my throat [ a.k.a hannibal ] [ oh all right mebe a.k.a is not so appropriate but it sounds sooo cool like visavis and appropos .. ]. i'm afraid he'll do that if i don't listen to his request of writing something fresh and new!! {say that with a zing in ur tone like the new detergent ad}
apart from the fact that the only time i have nowadays, to post anything, is my lunch break [ yeah.. i'm giving up my lunch break for u anon ] i really don't have that much going on in my life at this very second.
should i invent stuff just to pander shamelessly to your degenrate sense of entertainment and the endless joy you get from reading about other people's miseries????
[ now we know why no one posts comments on my blog.. actually now we know why no one even READS my blog.. having nothing else to write about, i tear apart your comment ]

yup so now that we have established that i live to serve and please anonymous comments on my blog. which btw i purely use for pleasing myself and not to pander shamelessly to your deg......... [ brain tuned out for the next 10 minutes ].
now as we have done that we can go back to revisiting each and every topic i wrote about for the last one year and spend hours dissecting them [ obviously the hope is that by then anon would become brain dead, provided he/she was still with us till the end ]

yaaaawn. my lunch break is over now. and armed with an amazing sense of worthiness of having accomplished something fantastic and then also being amazed by my natural brilliance and awesomeness , i shall now bid u adieu for the rest of the day.

bye anon, i'll see you later... and don't try to up a crazy person. ppl wierder than you have tried and failed.


  1. good work.. atleast better than the same ol' same ol'
    dont u think u shud thank the anon for instigating u a bit.

    any way i accept ur hearty thanks :)

  2. ooooh now ur doing it on purpose aren't you!! ur just enjoying urself. u know how obsessed i can be and your trying to make me obsess over who you are...
    aaaaaaaaah i get ur nefarious plan. u won't get ME to fall for it. not this time anyway


  3. hey gal.. jus having a bit fun..
    hope u dont mind.

    i really love all ur posts, n u can b rest assured that there aint gonna b soo mucha drama aka hannibal..
    u aint that lucky neither m i that crazy.

    so .. peace!

  4. oh really? thats too bad. u mean i CAN'T use the chainsaw i had bought in home depot today? u mean we're NOT gonna have a chainsaw massacre kinda duel to the death kind of thing???
    too bad.

    yeah i know its all in fun. gal. peace!

  5. well.. u never know.. like its said in the secret.
    u get what u attract.

    if u want it soo badly.. then it just might.. beware n what makes u think its a gal.

    does it say a she-anon or wht?

  6. no it doesn't. ofcourse not [ scoff ].
    its just coz ur such a sweetheart. and a babe. i bet u have loads of guys trying to pick you up all the time.....

  7. i don't agree with the secret. are u saying all my troubles that befall me , are MY fault??

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaw man.

  8. hmmm.. nice justification there. cant deny that now.. can i? :P
    but u know something, after i read that video on 'secret', after u recommended it on ur blog, somehow everything i was worrying about actually turned out to be true, its annoying. i dont blame u though. ok i partially do. ;)
    i think secret is bullshit! y on earth wud u recommend that to anyone?
    anyway god bless u babe :)

  9. whoa.
    wait a minute!

    i recommended secret to u?? I DID???
    who in their right mind wud read ANYTHING recommended by me?

    and you READ the video???
    wow ur more advanced than i imagined....

    but u know this stuff ur talking about seems fascinating. and true! we shud totally discuss it.

  10. please.. neither m i falling for it again..
    i dun wanna know any SECRET.
    m better off without knowing it, atleast that way i attract positive things.. even if by mistake.huh!