Friday, October 31, 2008

mEeT nEw peOpLE

i've definitely [ see? i CAN spell ] met some wierd people.
some of the wierdest first time meeting ppl things ....

i was waiting for the CMU shuttle. [ oh come on. u know everything about me by now. ]
and then this guy is standing next to me and after a while we just happen to look at each other during one of my random visual sweeps of the area. he smiles. i smile. [ ya i wud smile at any person i meet. i'm very polite that way. THIS teaches me a lesson ] and then he walks over. i'm still not thinking anything.
"how many years did u work before you joined cmu??"
[ wat? wth, do i look old to u or something u idiot. wat kind of opening statement is that?? and who the hell ARE you and why shud i tell u?? ]
since i am basically not paranoid and infinitely trust the universe [ ha! ya right ] i just told him. man i so didnt want to make a fuss. and then he proceeded to grill me on my yrs of experience working, and which company and then where i worked, etc etc
and then
" by the way I'm A____"
" i'm S_____" and i give a kind of frosty smile [ i'm not sure what that means, but if its what i think it means then that adjective is fine... ] coz by now i'm just annoyed with this ass [ oops hopes he doesnt read my blog ].

and then ofcourse the shuttle comes and we get in and one of his friend is already in. [ actually i shudn't say friend. THAT guy might sue me, coz he gave a very frosty greeting to A___ too ] and A___ turns around and introduces me.
" this is S______ and she worked in IBM for 2 yrs in bangalore before she joined cmu."
[ i'm like wat? thats my new intro now?? ]
the two sane ppl looked warily at each other hoping that the only stupid person was A_____ and then shook hands.

i had to grimace. i mean gud lord. wat if thats my new name??
"S___ who worked in IBM for 2 yrs before she joined cmu" kind of a long name dont ya think???

oh std disclaimer. the opinion of the author is not accurately represented by the author. so if u want to sue anyone for slander... go sue DC.

and oh all right my name is sheethal. there, i'm just tired of all this protecting anonymity and be careful of stalkers crap. who's gonna find me in hillsboro?