Friday, October 24, 2008

gReEn aNd sLiMY

i have this bug.

NO u computer zombies. not in my computer. i mean i have this green bug insect thingie. ugh!
its made of rubber and supposed to be a stress reliever thingie.
but its soooooooooo grooooooooooss.


i don't know why. but i have this wierd fascination with it.
actually belongs to my neighbour. and its so awesome. i keep going to her cubicle every couple of hours to look at the gross green catepillar.

poke. poke. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.

i mean seriously. u shud look at it. its rubbery and squishy and soft and slimy looking. and bends every which way. and there's something hard embedded in its belly [ i think its a battery for it to glow or somethin ... ].

poke..... poke...... look at it from another angle.
nudge...... poke.


its so awesome !!!



  1. 'and there's something hard embedded in its belly [ i think its a battery for it to glow or somethin ... ]'

    ur a techie... arent u supposed to KNOW it???

  2. well it cud be a battery for it to glow. or it cud be a battery for it to vibrate or it cud be an alien egg waiting to hatch. how do i know???? it doesnt do anything right now. if its a battery its dead. and if its not, i don't want to speculate what it is.

    aargh damn u. and btw WHICH IDIOT said i was a techie???

  3. u act..err i mean write like a techie... :P

  4. ooooooh oooooh i like u already!! i always wanted to sound like a techie :P

    u've just helped me fulfill goal number #154

    oooooh i cud just squeeeeeeeeze u in affection till ur eyes popped out.

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
    you DEFINATELY are a techie though.

    the focus of the post was supposed to be the BUG. NOT the battery !!!

  6. see u spelt 'definitely' wrong.

    u have to be some close relative of techie.

    And am no where close, 'cause I pointed that mistake out :P

    ok ok... fine may be m really driving u up the wall.. so chill for today, we shall counter each other tomorrow.
    cheerio gal :)

  7. ofcorse i spelet it wring. u thunk i didnt reliaze that? now i knowe u don't folow my blog .. have i NOT mensioned i cant spell???

    i'm not free tomoro. how about next century ?

  8. oh btw are u the same stalker anon as the prev post stalker anon?? or do i have two stalker anons??
    are u a 40 yr old stalker sitting in the basement of your mothers house and ..... stalking ppl cybernetically???
    [ too much NCIS and L&O ]

  9. hey hey hey.. u cant bombard me with acronyms like NCIS and L&O, please tel me wht it means???

    besides... i dint forget that ur bad in spellings..( so be happy..) i just pointed out that it was a trait too common in techies.

    i see ur hoping that this anon turns out to be some prince charming. Now arent u???
    who will put a stop to all ur nightmares n will make ur mom happy!
    :P :P

  10. which TIME zone are you in????
    ncis and law and order and shows on tv...

    y wud u say i'm hoping ur prince charming?? just coz i can't make up my mind ur a 40 yr old creep or a babe???
    no no doubt my mom wud be happy with either options.

  11. oh this is boring now. i'm not playing anymore... bye u creepy stalker anon.