Saturday, October 25, 2008

pAckiNg aNd sHipPinG

so i got all my stuff from pitts. [ yipee finally !! ]

and i never realized how much stuff i actually have :-/ [ man, girls tend to accumulate junk... come to think of it so do boys... so that leaves... let me see... only the leperchauns ]

so now i have like
3 HUGE bottles of shampoo. 4 HUGE bottles of conditioner. 3 HUGE bottles oh parachute oil [ i ltre!! :O and that too only becoz i left one in maryland ]. 12 bars of dove soap [ 12 !!!! TWELVE!!! WTF am i gonna do with so much soap ]. 2 bottles of body lotion.dove.
and so much other junk i had to throw [ ok i'm giving it away to charity, don't climb ur high horse yet .. ]

so my roomie sees all that oil and she's like.. hmm mebe V___ can take one. anyways he had to buy some oil, he cna just take one of those king sized bottles u have.

how can that be.

this is the only thing my mom sent me from india in 2 years !!!

she's not sent one laddu peda.

she sent me giant gulliver sized bottles of parachute oil.
how can i give that away ????

[ no no am kidding... come back .. come back... take them from me! take the damn bottles away. coooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee baaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkk ]

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