Sunday, October 26, 2008

oUr pLanEt eArTH

my friends got this planet earth series. it AWESOME!! highly recommend it. and no no
its not like the secret video, this is really REALLY gud.

but a word of caution. u need to have nerves of steel.

OK OK i admit it. i can't handle the realities of life. i cudnt complete the first video. when the antelope calf died i was sad. when the shark caught the seal, i was sadder. but when the young elephant got seperated from the herd and then followed its mothers tracks, but in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION, back into the dessert. ok that was it.
i was outa there.

man. i admit it , i'm a complete wuss. i can't watch a wandering lost elephant without sniffling and crying. so i didnt complete the video. no i started watching kung fu panda instead. yes, the cartoon.

hey but i saw the elephant herd finally reach water and then playing in the water.... [ woo hoo way to go elephant herd ^_^ ]


  1. i'll show you one and raise you another. [ is that how they say it in poker?? ]

    "lily livered 2 pence show off. "
    thats N___ by the way. i just love some of his insults...

    how about "bina signal ke mobile. "
    or "gov hospital ke tooti hui bench"

    hillarious stuff.