Friday, October 31, 2008

cOnfuSEd iN tHe rAin

so today morning.

i was as usual hitching a ride with a friend to office.

so friend 1 would drop me , and i was already runinng late.... and i was walking towards the apartment and i saw friend 2 get out and run to a car [ coz it was like.. raining and stuff ]
and then i thot, cool they'r ready to leave.. and just went and opened the back door of the car to get in.

and it was SOMEONE ELSE !!!!

WTF !!!

man that guy was like sooo confused.
u shud have seen his poor face. he was like.
huh, WHATs happening???

and i was like , shit. this is the second time this week.
atleast i've like met this dude a couple of times.

last time it was some random chinese guy.......

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