Saturday, October 25, 2008

sOme sKilLs pEopLe haVE

ever notice how some people are naturals?

u know? at anything they do.. like

gift wrapping, hammering nails in, or driving, or eating mangoes without a knife, cutting cloth evenly, first aid, watering plants [ hey watering plants is complicated stuff ] .... etc etc

wat do u think wud happen if i tried any of this???

gift wrapping - i'd have cello tape stuck all over me and half the roll wud be wasted coz i'd have stuck it to itself, u know... like it wud fold over.
hammering nails in the wall - MOST definitely [ aaha i spellet it rite thhis tim ] wud have hit my thumb. ow. ow. oow..
driving - wud have lost my way in the first 10 minutes and keep circling the place like a goldfish.
eating mangoes - oh man this is by far the toughest. i knew i had to do this many times growing up and even when i was 18 i was like, mango pulp all over my face, juice running down my hands.. sticky fingers.. messy clothes. i was a mess. my grandma took one look at me and told my mom, eating was not my 'thing'. she better not let the general public see me eat. she'd never get me married off.
cutting cloth - MOST definitely [ one's aggain woo hoo ] wud have cut my finger and cut zig zag
first aid ?? - wud have prob killed the person
watering plants - wud have spent the hour wrestling with the hose, fought and lost, and returned completely drenched. more water on me than on the plants.

other than first aid [ no one let me anywhere CLOSE to the person needing first aid ]
i've pretty much done the rest.
i'm CLEARLY not a 'natural'

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