Saturday, October 25, 2008

a qUesTioN tO yOu

ok i have this q for all the guys who read this post.

its a serious q. i mean in my eternal quest for information. this is just a part of it.

ok so listen to this song in the meanwhile.

ok so i have many many wierd friends. [ as is plainly very clear from the blog ]
and usually i listen to a whole load of whining, bitching, moaning, nasty stuff with just a shrug. don't really take offense at anything that said. not even blatant sexist comments sometimes. coz i think ppl have the basic right to stupidity? right?
with me so far?

ok so do YOU think i shud listen to wierd sexual innuendo and blatant profane language just coz a person is my friend when it makes me uncomfortable???
i mean certain topics just make me go eeeeeee stay away types. and yet just coz the person is a kind of friend and needs an outlet for talking such .... ummm.. filth? [ am pretty sure, said person does not talk like that with everyone... ] shud i listen to it??
how much is too much??
and just coz i'm pretty cool with talkin of most things under the planet, does that mean, i'm being pretentious when i say i don't wanna talk filth???

pretty clear answer when u write it down like that. but i'm interested to know what you think. for a change i actually wud like to hear someone else's thot on this.


  1. WOW, what a way to stand up for urself.

    GOOD girl.. see the anon is proud of u now..

    really u inspire me...n by the way m the same ol' same ol' damsel in distress who relates to u so very well like a twin soulmate.
    aww.. waat??? cheeeeeesy.. corny, well so r ur blogs at times, but not this one.

    u go gal :P

  2. Why do I re-read this post and keep on relating this to the last time we talked about 'filth'.