Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sCaliNg tHe waLL

its so sick to use IE6 after using mozilla and IE7 and google chrome.
WAKE UP U SICK IT DEPT AND CATCH UP WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. if ie7 is insecure, then SECURE IT :( [ coz i need my tabs .... aaaaaaaaaaaw maaaaaaaaaan ]

apparently chrome bypasses all security thingies in place [ uh oh getting highly technical in here... ] and therefore if u download chrome in your work place, you WILL be ID'd as a security threat and taken out.
thats what the IT god said to me today morning when handing me my computer.

oh btw i got my laptop. woo hoo.

its a t43. yeah. i know. thats why i'm not that excited. i was working on a t43 two yrs ago too. actually towards the end i think i managed to bully someone into giving me a t41.

yahoo toolbars is sick sick sick. yahoo search is sick sick sick.
just plain sad. everytime i switch back to another tab, it has to redraw the damn window.

ok that's it i can't work like this anymore. i need mozilla. i don't care. i'm suffering from tab withdrawal here...

damn it! they've blocked mozilla here. nothing opens up.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaw :'(




btw where the heck is ankur and cacafonix and J and anon2 and....
it only me or are we missing their bright and cheery presence today??


  1. anony`mouse misses the comments too. great to know about your techabilities. way to go gal!!!

  2. how does chrome bypass all securities ?? I am not at all a technical person. Please write a blog on that ....