Wednesday, October 29, 2008

u gEt aDdicTed toO

here's another song that you can get addicted to and then go crazy trying to get it out of your mind.
its from the same yuvraj movie. manmohini re or some such thing

btw have you ever watched
'The King and I'
'Gone with the Wind'
'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'
'Inherit the Wind'
'Maltese falcon' - thanx A for making me watch it :P
'Birds' [ hav i got this one right? the alfred hitchcock one ]
'Roman Holiday'
'My fair Lady'
and 'Kill Bill' [ ya that was just to wake u up. u were drooling over the audrey hepburn fantasy :P ]

oh if u haven't watched one of these u totally shud. theyr not the best ive ever watched ... there must have been others .. but i can't remem them right now.
u know movies like panic room. :-|

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