Saturday, October 25, 2008

sTraNge hApPeniNGs

what do you do when.....

~u tell ur parents u want to be _______ and they fall over laughing their head off.
[ THNX for the encouragement Dad and Mom ]

~u tell them u wudnt mind ur younger brother marrying first and they immediately start talking of killing/hanging/drowning themselves [ gud lord why are we such a dramatic lot?? though now i know where i got those genes from... ]

~all you wanted was another pop tart and you end up getting a loong lecture on how ur gonna gain weight, rot your teeth, get diabetes, high BP, have a stroke or a coronary heart attack and die without seeing your grandchildren. [ i'm only TEN mooooom ]

~all you wanted was this really nice book for ur 12th b'day and u get a set of dolls, a magic set, a kicthen set [ coz girls loooove that ] and a book about horse riding [ wat??? we live near a desert. i don't even get to see horses here... only camels ].

~you were asked to wear corrective glasses due to weak eyesight and suddenly your grandma has taken to crying whenever she looks at you. [ come on you shud know why by now... it took me a while to fig it out though ]

~random people you met in social events stopped you and asked you if you were really blind without the said glasses, all looking extremely concerned and saddened for you.. [ actually i know this one. the correct reply is say yes, remove the glasses and pretend to be blind as a bat! u know the whole extending arms fwd and groping around searching for stuff thing :P then u put them back on, and look at them sadly to say "my life is over, i'm only 15 , who will marry me now?"
warning- make sure your mom does not see you doing an imitation of blind and homeless, your gonna get a yelling THAT night for sure! ]

~when ppl you know persist in selling you insurance policies you have no interest in buying. and hound you worse than stalkers.

~when your friend comes and tells you, he was going around with a girl for about 2 weeks. she borrowed 3K from him and then she's nowhere to be found! [ hopefully u get away far enuf b4 u erupt laughing! dude!! wtf were u thinking?? ]

~when 2 people you know insist that they are 'just' friends and when your all out together for a movie, insist they HAVE to sit next to each other and then cuddle for the rest of the evening. [ somehow this has happened many.... many times. and its always a surprise when they announce their engagement. always. X and Y? really?? NOOOOO :O when did that happen?? duh! ]

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