Thursday, October 30, 2008

gOt loSt oN tHE wAy hOmE... aGAin

oh its absolutely fantastic. to meet new people.

its even better if theyr the insane variety too. went to this five guys and burgers place. apparently they'r biggest USP is that they give u free peanuts.
how AWESOME is that???

and then they cook their french fries in peanut oil. how AWESOME is that???

and the whole place was done in red and white and had won soooooo many reviews. how AWESOME is that????

and ..........keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sorry for the interruption. the author OBVIOUSLY had too much peanut products in dangerous quantities. so we're taking her out. u know the whale hunting kind. out.

so that your entertainment continues uninterrupted we're leaving behind mild-mannered QoD [ ala CnH style, who ttally RULES btw ]. so please continue this amazing reading experience with mild-mannered QoD.


ok so as i was saying, i had a really nice time meeting all these people.
got lost on the way home, coz i had to come home by myself. apparently one month of driving in this area is not enough to give me any sense of direction. so wandered around aimlessly, called up people to find the way. finally found the way. came home. made a sandwhich. was talkking to my friend while making the sandwhich.
finished the call. hung up. opened the microwave door, and put the phone in. closed the door......


WHAT??? i get kidnapped and replaced by a 'MILD-MANNERED' dummy and you don't even realize??? YEAH i had to free myself from these MORONIC captives and thwack her on the head and stow her away in the trunk of my roomies new car... and we have to dispose of the dummy in the dead of the night... [ 1. i have WAY too much time, 2. i have a WAY too wierd imagination, 3. come on, admit it. you have WAY too much fun with me as compared to that mild mannered idiot ]


  1. u wish... [sigh.....]

  2. wish what?
    madam you go too far.

    oh all right. FINE.