Friday, October 31, 2008

sO i wAtcH toO mANy

ok mebe i shud take a break for a while.

u know i was just thinking [ finally!! ] that except for that one anonymous straggler amongst our midst, pretty much everyone else knows me. coz everyone else is like , known to me [ wat? ] sorry i meant everyone else is like my friend. so how unfair is that !

so i... [ no NO don't do it, shout the voices in my head ]
oh ok FINE.

but you know which cartoon character i like best? [ what? when did the quantum leap of topic happen? ] no seriously. one of my most fav char is the femur? lemur? wat is it. the king of those wierd animals in madagascar??
"we got to do it, do it"
rofl :D
"we got to do it, do it"

i mean seriously !! thats funny stuff !!!
"we got to do it, do it"
[ fell on the floor laughing. ok ok i fibbed i was already there when i started rolling. but hey "we got to do it, do it" ]

DC , you soooo seriously remind me of that king. [ i'm sorry i forgot your first name , actually your whole name after knowing you for like 7 years! i'm sorry, i'm sorry DC!! ]



  1. I like to move it, move it
    I like to move it, move it
    I like to move it, move it
    U like too? move it!

  2. ooooooooooooooohhhhh so thats what he says.

    i forgot. but watever he's still funny.

    yeah u remind me of him too !!