Monday, January 3, 2011

reTurN oF tHe miNionS

its hard to return to office after a prolonged break. its harder to watch everyone stumbling around blinking their eyes at the neon light.
and its even MORE harder ( yes i make it a word ) when you have a FLAT TIRE.
aaargh. stupid tire. like i didn't have enough problems today.

well , happy new yr to me.



looking back i think i have a wonderful relationship with all my tires. i've had 4-5 flats so far including both my trusty scooter and then the car. its complicated this relationship. i think the one i love the most is the spare tire. so humble, so lowly , so handicapped and yet my unsung hero, the knight in shining armor. and then there's the tire i hate the most... the one around my midsection. it's like some ugly and unwanted relative who just won't leave. ( ok now that's a bit harsh and my midsection tire is just feeling hurt by that )


  1. Is that what your posts have come to?
    For $&*%'s sake, what kinda world are we living in?
    Happy New Year anyway!