Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cOoKinG wiTh ZeST

we went to a team event. it was a cooking class. we cooked and ate the food for dinner.
some of it was actually good !

my team made some ricotta and vegetables fritters.

lets see

there was ricotta cheese, 1.5cup + grates zuchinni (grated) + fine chopped red bell pepper (1 or 0.5) + garlic fine chopped + parmeshan cheese grated + salt and pepper + breakdcrumbs to coat it all. mix them well.
i think some olive oil in the mix. like 0.5 cup but i cant remember how much exactly. so dont put too much olive oil.

and mix them all up and make like pattys. and then shallow fry it. and eat it with a sauce, but then we didnt make the sauce. all i know it was white, had some lemon in it and some herbs and garlic in it.

it was yum though.

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