Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sAiLinG ArOuNd - pArT oNe

so we drove cross country for a week. from portland to boston. my car has finally been introduced to the amazing city of Boston. ( if i'm over enthusiastic, you can take it, that i'm slightly intoxicated from being exhausted from all the cooped up inside a tiny moving vehicle for 6 days)

so i come back to 263 emails. can't say i'm happy. that's after i cleaned up about 74 emails of junk mailing list spam. took me a whole day to get through the 263 emails and categorize them. actually took me 4 hours to categorize them and 3 hours to read them.
most of it was drivel, but some of it was important. ok 2 were important.n
took me a day to reply to those 2 emails.

great. i can take a break now and tell you about the amazing trip we had.

so we passed through glacier national park and i wish i could show you the grainy pictures i took with my phone, but not only are they grainy. it's pretty ... what's the word? the word to say the image does not have enough contrast ? i forget the word. [ do you sorry 24 ppl actually Enjoy reading me ramble on this way ? i am filled with a peverse ... intent to continue rabling on this way for another 10 minutes. when will your patience snap? ]

but really, the trees were an amazing florescent yellow and green color. i never knew such colors existed in nature ! the mountains were majestic. we drove through those towering mountains playing the background of bourne ultimatum. it was kind of fitting. i drove a little bit.
sheer cliffs, towering mountains, yellow colored trees , grey skies with gathering storm clouds, clear and sparkling rivers [ some of the cleanest water eh .. ] and us. driving through the winding roads.
us and the construction workers that is.

we had to be escorted to the top of the mountain and we could only spend a brief 3.5 minutes taking pictures since it was so friggin cold. aaah but what a glorious 3.5min it was !!

so montana and wyoming was pretty good ! flat lands. a bluish, reddish moon in the horizon. it looked HUGE. miles and miles of empty spaces... i finally felt i had room to breathe.  aah space.. finally.

more in part 2.


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