Sunday, June 19, 2011

kEePinG iT liGhT iN tHe cLasSifiEDs

i have to admit , i'm a little freaked out.
for the first time i've posted something on craigslist and getting these replies from random ppl asking for the stuff.

so i'm selling my gigantic tv and dining table. and i'm glad to give it for free, which is when i suddenly get flooded by enquiries.

for a week my posting languished, imageless and unfree or notfree and no one cared. the moment i put it in the free listings.. whAm ! suddenly i get a delude of emails.
and they all want the TV. guess we all know what's important.

now ofcourse craigslist works because we have implicit faith that all we meet are not axe murderers or stalkers.. but some ppl have wierd signatures and wierd names.. and they sign off as Service Guy Extraordinare.. [ i mean what is that?? ]

so here's a note to the 17 of you, my apparent faithful followers. [ and the unsilent one's who do not wish to notify me of their perverse stalking nature ]. if suddenly i don't post a follow up [ and let's hope it's not just me forgetting as usual ]
please launch an intense manhunt for me somewhere in the northwest of the US region.
it's fine. you don't have to hurry. i'll probably be decomposing in peace anyways..

[ ugh, gruesome thoughts. i HAVE been watching too much of CSI and FBI and NCSI and criminal minds and missing something and etc etc ]

well i've packed 3 bags. got another 2 more to go. things are slowly moving.. hopefully forward i say. i'd hate to be moving backwards now...

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