Saturday, January 8, 2011

aAaaHa nOw i GeT it

that's it! i figured it out.

my writing is fuelled by me being pissed off at you.

oh jeez , and if i'm not royally pissed at some douchebag like the one 2 posts ago... i got nothing to write.

uh oh bad news. i really shudn't have got married. it's just too non-anger inducing!

probably the best compliment i can give K or maybe the worst.

"happy anniversary, it's been a very non-angry calm 10 years"

"happy b'day. you never piss me off"

"happy new year, here's to another year not getting mad at the world"

quick. anonymous. say something stupid and pointless.
i'm sure i'll rant about it.


  1. AS IF you don't have ENOUGH stupidified people already around you to tell you uber pointless things. Grow up. And there is no physical implication here.

  2. mon ami, that was pathetic! come on you can do a better job, riling me up?

  3. The idea here is to annoy you, not in a good way you see.