Thursday, January 20, 2011

wHat wAs i sAyiNg? i fOrGet..

staying at the leela, its good. pretty good. well i wouldn't break out the awesome yet.
after couple of keycards not working, lift keys not working, random service engineers entering my room in the middle of the night to fix a lightblb...having tough time with external cabs entering the place and getting notice about it.
i think i'd say its pretty good. mebe not awesome.

i guess this projects making me worse absent minded than before. well what would you say if i told you i accidently locked myself out of the room in my bathrobe and slippers?? or that i forgot my entire hand purse in the cafe and didn't realize until i had to book a cab???

luckily i got my purse back with all contents intact.

and i only had to stand in the corridor for 5 min before the guy came running with a keycard... u know.. the guy with the turban who stands at the doorway.

maybe that's why they have phones outside every door linked to the front desk. perhaps i'm not the first... ha! i can only hope.


  1. Dude u're lucky:
    1. This happened in India- that saves a ton of embarrassment.
    2. You had phone outside the room.
    3. You had slippers on.
    4. (I assume) you were not carrying a pet squirrel.

    Picture this:
    Crowne Plaza, Manhattan. 1:00am
    You think someone knocked, so you open up to check.
    Squirrel runs away, you chase w/o chappals and THEN realize you locked yourself out.
    Not a pretty scene taking the elevator 15 floors down.