Friday, November 4, 2011


it's been a while since i felt this numbing in the nether regions of my digits. jeez, when will this winter end [ ok so it's been about 2 days since it started ]. did i mention that i hate icy winters. did i mention that i hated my time in pitts.

while i spend all my time getting over the weather and watching naruto.. [ yes my new and already fast fading obsession ]

it's friggin cold out here. never a fan of the north-eastern weather, now i'm steadily regretting my long drawn draggin my feet decision to move to the noreast.
can we move to california? or bangalore?
how about next week ??

i can hear my manager quickly getting bugged with me. he just completed my transfer request form after a month of him dragging HIS feet. hope i atleast get a raise out of it.

on the other side of the globe, ppl have kindly informed that i am giving birth in 2.. nay 3 months. THANKS for the headsup aunties !! i never even KNEW.... imagine my shock if you hadn't taken it upon your kind selves to inform me and it had just ... just happend??

what a blessing aunties are.. aren't they ? the happy gossiping penguins !! aaAARgh.

what DO you say, when ppl tell you that. hellooooo i know maybe i put on a few pounds.. but i'm not THAT fat. hmmmmph darn these cookies.

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