Thursday, December 22, 2011

mY dRyeR iS hUNgRy - qUiCk pAsS tHe SaLt

so i had 3 socks. there they sat woeful and sad on my dresser. there were 3 and they were each missing their soulmate pair. you know the perfect match, made for them by the factory angel machines or child labourers.

so i got this costco bunch of socks and i dont know what i was thinking, but they were a dozen of them. in different shades of brown. yup , i thought.. easy peasy. i can manage this.

6 months later i have these 3 socks and i can't find their pair. each is a slightly different shade of brown and if i hold them close to each other , even an idiot can tell they don't match.

the other day i found another 3 tucked away in a bag. i was excited. this is it ! here are the matching 3 socks for those 3 socks. jolly good. now i can wear them. i took them from my sun room to the bed room. and lo and behold !

now i have 6 socks.
that are missing their soulmate pair , sad and woeful on my dresser.

there they sit. waiting for me to find their pairs and bring it back to them. waiting and just waiting. its not going to happen, because the big bad dryer ate their soulmates up.
since i don't know what to do.. i have fashioned a nice ... not necklace.. but a string of socks to tie around K's waist when he's cold.
i hope he appreciates the trouble i've gone through.. 

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