Friday, November 4, 2011

gOoD LuCK FriEnD

so i have a friend in the office. is it politically incorrect to mention that she's from the land up north at home and she's getting married in true style to someone from who's a lot less north from home ?
ok i'll be slightly less obscure.. she's chinese , he's marathi. specific enough for you?

i think it's awesome. Ofcourse. i especially envy their indo-chinese wedding which is apparently meeting up at an office, signing a few papers and then driving home. she's apparenlty planning to wear jeans.
sigh... hello.. Jealous !
no fuss , no muss. i mean if i could just sign some paper online and send an email.. how awesome would that be?

like clicking an "I accept" button at the end of a 42 page contract with Apple or Google.

cool huh. i wonder how cool would weddings be, if all we had to do was click a button or some kind of a digital signature... man i am way ahead of my times.

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