Friday, November 18, 2011

FoRgEttiNg oLd poTs

i am appalled.

here i am. taking a very small 3 .. ok maybe 4 year break from socializing and what do you know? i find that most of them were all around me for the last 2 years.
for all i know we could have missed each other walking on the same street many times.


i am appalled. aghast i say.

hey. you know where i am. i haven't moved in 4 years. ok i have moved. maybe 2 times. but you could email me if you were coming to join me on this forsaken continent !!

ok ok, granted ur busy with your "wedding" and you now have no time to talk to your college buddy of 6.. ok 8 years ago. but .. hufff... i did inform everyone i was getting married.

wait. i think she did mention to me, she was getting married. did i Forget???

uh oh. i wonder how many more of those i have forgotten.

UH.. OH. i need to check on gmail. darn i wish it had better search.

quick ! what time is it in india, i need to call some college buddies. oh no shoot too late. quick what time is it in europe? how about new zealand??? anyone awake anywhere in the world. i have 3 minutes before my next meeting.


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