Saturday, November 5, 2011

oNLinE gAmEs

facebook is wonderful. if nothing else, fb is filled with my 16 year old cousin and her classmates. and like a gazillion pics of her with couple of other ppl , looking cute [ what? i did say they're looking cute .. that's about as nice as i can be ]

what is wrong with 16 year old girls. was i as giddy back then ? god i hope not.
ok, so i log in once a while, when i'm completely bored. and just want to find that one person i feel like sending a message. i mean it IS an online glorified address book, isn't it? but lo ! what do i find?
3 pages of pics of my cousins and all of them with comments such as
"sooooper cute"
"looking cool"

which is OK. i can scroll down. it's ok, i don't have carpal tunnel syndrome at all.

but then i find, pics of children. 5 YEAR old children on my status updates. good lord , i have peers who have 5 year old children ? who are then decked up like mini-creepy brides for their 5th b'day ?
and i have to look at those pics ??

sigh. ofcourse then i give up and start playing angry birds.

i wonder how many honest ppl spend time on farmville. the other day , my cab driver spent a good 20 minutes talking about how great farmville was. so, we don't have the time or the back bone to actually farm anything. not even plant a cactus. and yet we are perfectly happy , staying online harvesting fruit or raising virtual sheep. isn't it great?
is there already a game for hunter-gatherers? i mean its kind of biased against the agri folks isn't it? maybe a game for hunting down animals and driving them to extinction. how about discovering new continents and giving all the natives hep B ?
that's a good game? "here, i now name this continent Ninjaland and now you all can die of syphilis"