Thursday, August 11, 2011

iCaRuS mOdE

this is me , like last weekend.

K took me sky diving and it was AWESOmE !!!

i always did want to fly... and now i can tell you all about it.

i'll update later.. gtg now.

update - ok stuck for another hour in a stupid meeting.
what's interesting is to see how different ppl handle something like jumping of a plane. four of us went to do this. we all had to sit in a room and sign away all waievers or claims to our lives in case of negligence or stupidity. it's like saying, well u can be stupid and dumb, or plain lazy and kill me... but its ok, no problem i forgive you coz those few moments i'll be flying in the air will be the most glorious moments ever!

4 of us. the first one , probably the smartest one [ yes the one who goes to MIT ] decides to think , not to think so that she can enjoy the jump. [ yes figure, maybe that's why she's in MIT ] , the second is terrified about jumping off... the actual act of jumping, how will he ever get himself to do it, the third is scared of landing.. [ what if i just go .. splat!.. like a hot sack of potatoes falling from the sky and voila instant potato pancake! ] and the last ofcourse our very own man of steel is already planning for his sky diving license.

ofcourse it was awesome ! nothing like you can imagine, you can taste the clouds. [ yummmm..... vanilla... ] you can feel the wind... look at the view from 10,000 ft up... [ ofcourse not much registers , what with all the screaming. did i mention there's a lot of screaming? ]
i did finally stop screaming once the parachute opened. suddenly everything goes quiet. and silent and you can see for miles and miles in all direction.

the planet like a green .. multi green colored carpet. the rivers, the trees, surprisingly we don't notice the silly motorways and highways. we'd rather admire the snake like rivers and jewel like water bodies.

yup it was amazing! and i can't wait for next time.

ps: ok ok i admit , i did kiss the ground when i finally landed. i was never so happy to be on land.

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