Wednesday, November 16, 2011

iNtELLigEnT tRoLLinG

if i was smart. you know what i would do.

i would script something on FB that would troll through my contacts every day and leave a happy b'day message.
it doesnt have to be a special message. just a "hey! happy b'day. have a great year.. blah blah"

done. then i dont have any mortal enemies. and the burden is on THEM to reply back to me nicely for remembering their b'day.

if i was smart, i would turn my entire FB over to a troll. i might have a better social life too.

stupid M rejected my upgrade to an iphone 4S. baaka.

yes i am learning japanese now, since i'm on the 198th episode of na-ru-to.
ha! baaka M.

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