Friday, November 18, 2011

cOnTaCts nEeEdeD. cALL N

it's fascinating. going through some of the ppl on my FB list.

yes yes it's friday and i have nothing better to do. so there are all these ppl.. and for the life of me i can't remember them.

hmm... you. the funny looking guy who's making monkey faces at the camera. the camera sure doesn't love you, but i swear i remember you. are u my highschool .. scratch that. i went to an all girls high school... maybe college ..bud..classmate??

wierd. but ur name is sooooo familliar. i need to ask my friend. she's the walking memory banks who holds the keys to my past. i've pretty much forgotten everything else except her name and email id. actually i've forgotten her email id also. thankfully gmail does the job well enough. 

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