Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sEttiNG tHe riGhT eXPEctAtioNs

i'm not sure i've mastered it yet. the art of looking at a new born baby and lying with ease about how cute i think the baby is. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying the baby is uuhhh 'not-cute' [ do i dare write in bold that i think a baby might look like a baby chimp or monkey ?? will i get stoned out of existence?? ] .. it might be the cutest cherub born on this side of the galaxy.. just that i don't really see it.

i mean i see it. but i don't "see" it. ppl tell me its supposedly different when / if i have one of my own. i guess the human id is a funny thing and pride and evolution combined will force me to coo and oooh and aah over a mini-me. but i just don't see it.
my very esteemed colleague says never get pets. they roam all over your house using it as a litter box and eat ur food and generally leach off of you. well KD , you have a daughter who's in her 8th yr of undergrad college.. you made a very good argument never to have kids.

anyways with multiple ppl around me popping out the lil monkeys. it's all i can do to smile politely and tell them how cute the thing is. R keeps reminding me. it's not a 'it' it's a she or he. ok ok.

well i wish you all proud parents good luck. and i probably will have to join your ranks some day. i'm either going to look back and read this post and wonder , "what was i thinking!! i was soo wrong" or i'm going to read and be "aaah i knew EXACTLY how it was going to be, and i was SO right."

ofcourse i have a private bet which one it'll be.

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