Saturday, January 8, 2011

sO wHAt?

oh thanks.

for pointing out how glaringly boring my life has become. between 12-14 hour workdays and sleep, the only excitement i have is .. opening a new box of cereal.

the only exciting ppl i meet is , at office.

a new taiwanese tech who cracks random jokes i don't understand, a chinese s/w developer who'd like some red robin food parceled from the US, an indian in blore who's happy that he got my boss to send me there for 2 weeks, a lab tech who actually did a jiggy when he heard i'd be gone for 2 weeks ( oh well, i'll bug him even more when i get back ), a pregnant lady who complains of nothing but food and her stomach and finally my boss. the ultimate clueless one. i think thats a good name for him.

yes i have nothing to write about.

well the ultimate clueless one is a good topic.

but then he's away in europe for a couple of weeks and won't bug me. yaay!


i've been watching too many stalker movies recently.
have you ever come home and found a red balloon tied to your door ? what would you do , if you did ? well first i thought it could be K, but then i think naaah it couldn't be K. he doesnt do balloons.
ofcourse i looked around before i opened the door, and ofcourse i checked the whole house to make sure no one was inside waiting for me. i'm glad i live in a 1 bhk appt. imagine if i lived in a huge house.. i'd be forever doing security rounds of the house.

ok now i'm tired. so buzz off. i want to sleep.

ps: my bro won a couple of awards last week. so hey bro! congrats !! great job shutting up the losers who ever doubted you!

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