Sunday, May 16, 2010

sTop wATchiNg mUsiC aLtoGeTheR

have you ever stopped to wonder how the world has changed ?? i mean not since time began, but since the last 100 yrs or so? ok mebe from lil more before ??

i'm watching VH1, and i'm thinking to myself.. wtf??

ok so we came from being primitive tribal ppl, to some kind of .. normal looking ppl?? i dunno. ok then the victorian wierdo phase where everyone was covered up all over. ok ok am talking of the western world, not exactly "we" but its easier for me to tell a story this way, so hang on before you start spamming me about how i'm forgetting i'm indian. but i digress...

and now. NOW, we have something like lady gaag on tv, with beyonce, wearing bikinis and thongs and looking butt ugly and not caring. and prancing around ( helloooo that can't be dancing?? are you serious?? )
actually i like the song. don't get me wrong. but the videos???

wat the eff!!
its all semi naked women, and outlandish wierd clothes. and man is she butt ugly.
and then all of them wearing wonder woman kind of costumes and...

oh man this is a sad sad century. don't think i'll switch on VH1 for a long long time !

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