Tuesday, March 16, 2010

caBbaGe HeaDs aNd crAZy tV

have you watched TV lately?

is it me, or has there been a glut of ads showing women how to solve their bloating, gas, constipation, irregularity , etc etc problems.

why is the US suddenly obsessed with the ... uhhh.... regularity of women?? and what the heck are they trying to tell us??
its even more confusing coz it comes directly after an ad for hamburgers.

really?? activa. blah blah beano, and its all for women!! wat exactly are they trying to tell us???


this part was supposed to be a full post wall by itself and it would have been called - why does my friend have 3 cabbage heads in his kitchen?
but mebe thats a bit too long. i mean really? why does someone who lives alone, find the need to go out and buy 3 std sized cabbage heads? ( i will not exaggerate, its not super large or anything, just normal sized)
isn't one good enough? this is just cabbage hell.

this is real life true btw. yup yup yup.


i am now completely integrated into my team. total intel person, team member. that's me. i look like a sleep deprived crazy person with my hair sticking in all directions.
and looking a little dazed and i'd blink in surprise if you pushed me out of the building into the sunlight.


yaaaaaaaaaaawn sleepy day at office.

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