Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pAPpaRAZzi sHOts

when folks , ur friends or families send you pics of their vacations.
and u feel that mild twinge of envy < or indigestion .. oh whatever..... u took ur pick > when u wish you were on that vacation instead.

but sometimes u get a situation where ur faced with 300 pics of ppl. patel snaps we call it, and its just pic after pic of ur friend posing in front of some of the most amazing scenery and essentially blocking ur view. < hey!! i wasn't lucky enough to go there myself and mebe u cud let me live vicariously through u, u douchey << ok now i'm just making up words >> >
but what if they are not only standing in front of plain ol awesomeness, but standing with their awesome dolce gabana glasses. i mean its bad enough that u block my view, then on reams and reams of pics, u force my eye to be drawn to ur crazy sunglasses that after the 145th pic , just make u look blind.

have u looked at ppl wearing sunglasses?? have you looked at 300+ pics of the same 2/4/6/x ppl with sunglasses? do they or do they not look like blind ppl ?? and slightly ________. < i'm too polite to fill it >

why do ppl assume it makes them look cool?
ok ok i'm guilty of doing that too. i too have a couple of pics somewhere in which i'm wearing my sunglasses and i think i look awesome. but i have 2.
are u frikin kidding me??
ur singlehandedly ruining my favorite vacation spots.

i did not mean to spell out 'ho' out there.


  1. The superconsiderate, gabanaloathing individual that I am, makes me feel so good about myself (again). are you still cracking cameras in h'boro? or that u're a california gurl now? drop in a line when u're not sleeping thru the bored-room meetings.