Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pUNcH in YouR'e tiMe cARdS

would you believe if i said i have seen the calendar of my boss and calculated the number of hours he is in a meeting?

here is the stats:
me : 20 hours in a week spent in meetings which is 50% of the time if you consider a 40 hour workweek. if you think in terms of how many hours i actually work, its more like 44.4%.
my boss : 30 hours in meetings which is 75% of the week but if u consider the actual number of hours that he probably works, more like 50%.

so it looks like the time spent in meetings just increases the total number of hours u spend at office coz we try to maintain a 50% cutoff and compensate by working more.
ok i don't want that promotion. thank you very much.

one of the main things that worry me, is that i see ppl who joined a yr before me, 2 yrs before me and they give a very good indication of where i'll be in mebe 2-3 yrs from now. < ok mebe i can drag my feet and move along a lil more slowly, but i still gotta move > and then i see the kind of lives they lead. one guy has become just plain 'chubby' and the girl looks like a walking zombie and lives on cereal.

oh well. i can always wear bamboo clothes and go back to raising chickens in some remote village forest near my house back home.
oh but i'd miss "House" so much.


  1. I have 2 jobs, a baby, a dog and a sick husband image how many hour I work.