Thursday, February 25, 2010

puRrs LiKe a kiTteN

so i got my car serviced today. and after a reallly long time, it actually runs like how it's supposed to. in fact, to use inappropriate metaphors like Dan Brown, it's as smooth as dark soy chocolate milk flowing down your throat on a hot summer day.

ha! u thot i was gonna talk about K purring like a kitten. didn't you?? weeeellllll, i can neither confirm nor deny that rumour, and neither can i confirm nor deny the involvement of a large containment of chocolates that might or might not have exchanged hands for my silence on that matter.
oh ha! you'r not gonna get any info THAT easily.
but yumm these chocolates are deLISH!!

on another note. i DID get my car serviced, my ISP moved over. shifting is well under way. the total cost of me getting bored and moving out of my house is turning into quite a large number
200 to cancel verizon
400 for my car - ok its not really related. but i just like adding large numbers
300 for my tooth - wat exactly does this have to do with me moving again ?
xxx for new bed ?
xxx for new couch ? i wonder what's a good price. should i buy, shouldn't i??
aaaah decisions decisions.

i also signed up for a house on the ground floor. and all those who know my penchant for forgetting to lock doors, close windows.. [ mebe declaring this on a public website and one that's SO widely read isn't such a great idea.... ] wooops.

but i'm excited. finally moving to MY space after ... uuhhh lets see. FOUR years. well that took awhile.

and finally have a proper kitchen for the first time in my life. [ i don't consider one counter, or a kitchen that i share with other humans, as a proper kitchen. ]
only I shall rule in MY domain. :D
[ oh that's just something new i've picked up.. my evil laugh. hillarious isn't it?? i know !!]

ok so. i shall set this house in my image [ oooh not pretty ]
and i shall set this kitchen to reflect my food habits [ which means bread, jam and pasta in the pantry? ]
and the living room shall be a sweet haven of comfort [ currently have NO living room furniture except for a floor cushion. ppl who come to my house, be ready to sit on top of each other on the floor cushion. ]
and the bedroom shall soothe even the most tired person who will be lulled to the land of dreams... [ i don't like the thermostat, so its usually freeze-ur-butt-off-cold-ass freezing in my bedroom. ]

so when r u coming home?

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