Monday, January 25, 2010

keEPinG a sTRaiGht FaCe

After years and years of brooding about marriages, poking fun at relatives ( yes including my mum ) and berating the system. now i'm a part of it.

and i always suspected that after the dooms day, i'd not have much to say.

well just as i supsected , hic, i was right.
i'm all out of.. hic, steam.

that reminds me of things that happened while i was back home..
it wasn't too bad. except for the endless line of instructions on how to sit. what to wear, how to stand, how to walk, what to eat. wat to say and what not to do.
it was a continous tug of war, between my free will to live and ppl who wanted me to be the perfect bride. a bridezilla.
yup the perfect bride is a bridezilla.

so i was supposed to take a head bath everyday in under 10 min and tie my wet hair up... to get a headache and ...[ hey! i paid close to half a grand for my awesome hairstyle. u show me the money, before i let u anywhere close to it... ]. but anyways i did.
so i was supposed to wear a bindi, wear bangles, wear a heavy chain and basically be a walking temptation to all thieves. so i did.
so i was supposed to be happy 24x7 even with ppl telling me that my husband would now be my god, and i depended on him for realizing my happiness. [ ok i did not/ could not do that, but i didn't hit them on the head either... so i think i'm even steven ]
so i was supposed to wear sari's every day. well.. ok. i did. but then they were like.. OMG, we can see ur stomach. HELLOoooo its like.. a sari??? and itz umm like HOT?? like a 100 degrees in here.. and helooo its my stomach. even u have a stomach. why the heck are you freaking out ??? heyy.. no touching me.. all hands know shows less skin??? SALWARS or bloomin shirts and trousers... >_<... HEYY i SAID hands off of me!!!

so i was supposed to do this and do that.. and if not, the wrath of hellfire on my head. well mostly the wrath of this ONE aunt of mine.
and after everything was done.
"where's the flowers"
"what flowers"
"you are a bride to be. u gotta have half a kilo of flowers on ur head everyday"
so i did.

and after 3 years of living on my own, on basically being this social outcast and not caring wat ppl said i did and doing my own thing, i found it REEEEAAALLY hard to listen with a straight face and not smacking someone. so i HAVE to thank L, for being there so i cud vent to her. and for being my maid of honor kinds and letting me blow off some steam.

and so i walked around advising my younger cousin sisters to elope and generally trying to create other kinds of mayhem by not combing my hair like they wanted me to.. [ yaaa i'm a rebel, i refuse to plait my hair.. jeez man. haha u can't catch me.. ha! i refuse to eat rice.. i'll starve but won't give in. oh its the little things that make life worth living ]

but otherwise it was good.
note to self: never EVER get married again. or next time, just elope.