Wednesday, February 3, 2010

oFfiCe wOeS

poor S. trying to make me watch some show on TV, or read it online in the manga format for the last couple of months...

poor S, doesnt know that constant pestering and insisting i do something doesn't make me more inclined to do it but in fact WOULD make me more inclined to hiss, spit and claw some furniture...

dude, really give it a rest. i'm NOT gonna watch a show that has 400 episodes and has still not finished.

gosh this has been a long week. and only coz i spent last week on stumpleupon; god's gift to procrastination. :P

got my yearly review back from M who as u all have already met is my manager. after the usual complaints, that i shud do this and do that ( less procrastination ) he said one of the main comments he had was my written communication skills were poor.


< awkward silence >


< crickets chirping >


< me staring blankly at him >

really? REALLY? my spoken communication is good? and my written communication is terrible??

sigh... i wonder where i can go to learn some written "formal" english.

ps: the only official stuff i've written in a yr out here is my status reports which goes like this.
today i did this. yest i did that. and the day before i tried this and miserably failed.

i wonder how he can do it. the guy sitting next to me, i mean in the next cubicle.
How he can go from meeting to meeting repeating the same information to different ppl. so much for being a planner. ha! if he had planned it better, he cud have said what he had to say ONCE or put it clearly in an EMAIL in "very proper formal english".

really i might just stab him in the eye one of these days with this fork.right this very fork thats on my desk right here.

aargh, go to a conference room you... you... planner!!


its sunny out today. and seriously! its hard to stay in a foul mood, when its sunny outside. and while i blink slowly and turn towards the sun, like a sunflower, just so i can soak up some rays. i feel a little less like a vampire.


yaay sunny days are here again. i don't care wat mother nature says, its officially spring in my book and i'm packin away my winter gear!!

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  1. Guess its time to welcome M to the blog.