Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dO tHe jiGgY

these days i have a new pastime. ( oh my ADD does come in handy sometime )

its fun to learn something just becoz you want to or can. so i asked my mom what she remembered about my learning dance during childhood.
and she was like - "ummm.... your face was good"



"you mean to say i learnt dance, for 8 yrs and thats all that was good in the end??"

"my Face!!"

"i mean COME OOONNNN!! my face is usually just wierd smiling grimace or stoic in such dances. i mean what about the rest , like the hands or the legs.. aaah phooey. "

well A, has started a dance club. i'm like whoa! thats new. what do you guys do out there? and apparently the first class was all about the rules. how only A would put the steps and the rest would show no dissent, and how the rules would not be broken and everyone would be very dedicated....
I was vaguely reminded of high school or was it elementry school, when there would be the couple of popular girls and they would always... i mean ALWAYS start a group. and that group would be soo coool. and everyone wanted to join... yeaaaaahhh.. i think i'm a lil too old for high school again and playing dressup.

anyways its good, but i politely declined. besides its not my thing u know. the organized listening to a leader thing. :P and i know.. i JUST know.. i'd be itching to lead the first mutiny across ranks :D hehe

and A's bf bought a beemer. well!! apparently the red color Z4 which they flew to salt lake to drive back was quite the bargain at 24k.
i'm like... amazed!! he sold his honda civic and bought the beemer. brilliant idea, why didn't i think of it??

and now he has a yamaha bike, a set of skis, an electronic drumkit and a bmw.
lives in a nice independent house , with his gf and best friend.
hey, some ppl live lives, you know what i'm saying? life couldn't get any more perfect. ( touchwood ) and yes i am touching my head to ward of any evil eyes. ( oh reason! so easily defeated by dumb superstition )

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