Tuesday, April 6, 2010

nEw tEcH

i saw the iPad yesterday.

hmmm. i dunno. i'm still iffy about it. i still think its very cool. it was smaller than i expected. the only reason its bigger is coz of the screen size. i dunno how i would carry it around or hold it while standing to read.. i mean almost all the ads show ppl propping it on their laps right?

hmm well i still dunno.. mebe its just coz i expect so much from them. i really wanted to see holographic 3D projector displays this decade :P

now THAT would be cool.

but still right now its really cool to read magazines and comics on the ipad. ( i still think its a stupid name ) i can't wait to think of all the stupid variations that clueless men will come out with.. i mean the other companies, including the one i work for.
like smartpad. i mean "WHAT the Heck!!" can't u guys just pick a better name!!!

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