Tuesday, May 4, 2010

siNs oF tHe oRiEnT

speaking of peanuts, why the heck was i pouring milk INTO my peanut butter jar???!!??

oh wait, did i tell you that story already??

or about how, i was sending pictures of myself in my new clothes, that i shopped for yesterday and i started off, with one pic of me in my old clothes just so i could "baseline" the results???


its very clear.. i'm losing my mind!

i might be going to beijing, but it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

its exciting, but what do you do when the universe makes the process as miserable as possible.
i mean ok, its I***** thats making me as miserable as possible.

sigh.. its a long story and i shall tell u now.

week 1 -
memorial day , a wonderful weekend for fun. family coming to pdx. plans all set. outlook is good.
next week going to india, booked the tickets, outlook is good.

week 2 -
manager comes with plan to go to beijing, says no other dates available.
think of cancelling which on hindsight i should have done.
but think of making superhuman effort and managing both beijing and india trip. really stretching my abilities here..

week 3 -
find out, now i need to cancel memorial day plan too. life sucks.

week 4,5 -
amex quotes 4k for new trip. admin will have coronary if i book it that way.
so do some searching find the best possible deal online and book it off. phew one big prob is solved.

week 6 -
book the hotel instead of reserving it. oops. didn't do enough research and ended up booking a hotel at thrice the price listed.
major ooops :(

week 7 -
find out that transiting through canada on my cheap ticket and need a TRANSIT VISA even if i stay on the darn tarmac. call the super expensive hotel and find out, i need to call china to cancel......

sigh. ok the weeks may not be really weeks. more like my own timelines. but watever. u get the point.

i ask u one thing. when ARE the good times supposed to start?? shouldnt they have started by this time ??? huh? huh???

oh man, i am sooo living up to my name as the QoD

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