Monday, April 12, 2010

fAcE oF thE dArK

i have seen the face of the kernel and let me tell you this...


gaaaah. last week was so frustrating.
one side was P the abominable and the other side was V the weak.

let me tell you a story..
there was once a manager called P. and she was a lil.. ok a lot crazy. and then there was her minion V the one with the weak chin.

while one complained of the tyranny of the other, all i wanted to do was learn how to work and get it done. after lying dormant for 4 yrs, finally my workaholic self surfaced and wouldn't take "lets just chuck this and go home" for an answer.
late nights in the office, and many-many-hours-sacrificed-to-the-lab-daemon later...

well the work got done. and the daemon was satisfied.

PHEW. now my head aches and i want to take a week long vacation.

whoa kernel level s/w debugging is hard. REAL hard. the rest of the stuff?? its peanuts!!


wait a sec!! i just won a netbook in an office raffle. that is WIERD man!
i mean i'm normal! i've never won anything!!!


what's happening ???? and why is the universe trying to screw with my head???


was reading pibgorn comics over the weekend. as my love of books is rekindled.. then i feel... i feel like i'm meeting an old friend for coffee and chatting over all the past yrs we've spent apart.

^_^ yaaay!! i shall leave you ppl to do the exciting things like skiing and ... and... skiing. and dancing. leave me to my books and i shall be forever content.

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